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Intramural Open Wrap-Up

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The CrossFit OPEN.  5 weeks, 5 workouts.  That’s all.  Easy, right?  The challenge for most CrossFit gyms is keeping athletes engaged for that long and making sure they don’t get burned out.  This year we decided to introduce our own internal Intramural Open, with the goal of making those 5 weeks more exciting and engaging. 

CFL Athletes that registered for the OPEN were put on a team.  Along with doing the OPEN Workouts, each week we rolled out a new Challenge and Theme for the athletes to complete and post on their Social Media.  Racking up points for each completed task, the team with the most points across all 5 weeks were declared winners.

Examples of challenges were to perform a handstand or plank in a public place and take a picture of yourself doing a squat at an iconic Lakeland location.  Theme examples were superhero/villain day where athletes wore apparel representing their favorite superhero or villain, and St. Patrick’s Day wearing your best green outfit for the wod. 

This year’s winners was team Red, White, and Blue Balls led by Team Captain, Coach Brett. 

Over 50 CFL Athletes registered for the Open this year.  We had a blast seeing all the posts on Social Media and the variety of ideas everyone came up with for their challenges and themes. 

We wrapped it all up with a BBQ and Beer throw down after the final workout 18.5.   Our work hard play hard as usual tradition.   Thank you to all those that participated.  We look forward to next year’s Intramural Open.